Dr. Brian Raskin is a dentist full of compassion and knowledge for each of his patient’s needs.

He’s a trusted mentor who has successfully completed thousands of dental implant cases, dental crowns and bridges, and root canals with and without IV sedation dentistry.

Forget what you thought you knew about dental offices and dental treatments. Dr. Raskin is not your typical dentist. He is not afraid to tell you what dental treatment is best for you even if your insurance company does not cover it. If it is the dental work that is needed, he will not allow your insurance company to dictate a less beneficial option.

Bottom line: Dr. Raskin delivers only the highest quality of care and honesty to his patients. He hand-selected each employee at Advanced DDS to ensure his team members provide patients with the same care and ethics as himself.

Dr. Raskin understands that success is more than money; it’s about serving the patients and providing them with life changing results. Let him and his team serve you with the care you deserve.